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Bitcoin Basics

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency created in January 2009. It follows the instructions explained out in a whitepaper that was released the pseudonymous, mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto.

The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is still a mystery. Bitcoin provides its users of lower transactional fees than traditional online forms of payment, and, unlike fiat currencies, it is operated by a decentralized authority.

It is classified as a cryptocurrency because it employs a technology known as cryptography to ensure its security. There are no physical Bitcoin tokens, only virtual balances maintained on a public ledger that everyone could see.

However, every record or transaction is encrypted. A large amount of computational power is used to verify every Bitcoin transaction. This process is known as Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin is not backed by, or issued by, any authority such as a bank or government.

Even though it is not legal tender in most parts of the world, Bitcoin has become extremely popular and has sparked the creation of more than 2,000 other cryptocurrencies known as altcoins.

What Is a Crypto Exchange?

You cannot simply purchase cryptocurrency from your local bank or investment firm. Once you've decided to buy Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency, you must open an account on a cryptocurrency trading platform in order to exchange your fiat currency for these virtual assets.

A cryptocurrency exchange like Bitcoin Future is a platform where users can buy and sell Bitcoin and other altcoins. An exchange may convert one cryptocurrency to another, such as Bitcoin to Dogecoin. You may also purchase cryptocurrency with traditional currency, such as the US dollar.

Exchanges display the current market prices for the digital currencies they provide. You can also use a cryptocurrency exchange to convert cryptocurrencies back into US dollars or other traditional currencies, which you can keep as cash in your trading account or withdraw to your regular bank account.

The Characteristics of a Good Crypto Exchange

There are hundreds of crypto exchanges out there, so knowing what to look for can help you choose the right one.


Security is of the utmost importance because cryptocurrencies are not backed by any central entity such as a bank or government. Your cryptocurrency assets are not protected in the same way that bank deposits or conventional investments are. Be sure to review an exchange's security information before making your choice.

Whether you intend to keep your crypto assets in an exchange, or only have them there for a brief period before transferring them to your digital wallet, the security of the crypto exchange should be the number one priority. This is especially important as the price of cryptocurrencies rises, as higher value means more financially rewarding targets for potential criminals.

Bitcoin Future is dedicated to providing security of the highest form. Your cryptocurrencies are protected and safe from the attacks of hackers.


Fees are another factor to consider, but you shouldn't let high fees deter you from participating in an exchange. Low initial fees could mean higher fees later. Higher fees may also be an excellent price to pay for the additional protection and insurance provided by the exchange.

These fees are often charged per transaction and are based on the value of the transaction itself. Fees could also vary depending on the cryptocurrency you trade. Ensure that you familiarize yourself with the exchange’s fee structure.


It is easy for beginners to feel overwhelmed when they start trading cryptocurrencies on an exchange. Exchanges that provide educational tools and demo accounts are preferable, as they can help beginners become accustomed to the exchange and the trading process.

What Coins Are Available for Trade

Exchanges do not support every available cryptocurrency, as there are more than 2,000 in circulation, so be sure to check the coins offered. If you're looking for a coin such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, you are likely to find it on most exchanges. However, newer altcoins or meme coins may involve a little more research.

Just keep in mind that these coins are frequently riskier bets than cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. That is why many experts advise investors to stick with popular cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Invest only the amount you're willing to lose with any crypto coin you're thinking about buying on an exchange.


Due to national or state regulations, your location may keep you from buying and selling cryptocurrency on certain exchanges. Some countries, such as China, have outright prohibited citizens from using cryptocurrency exchanges.

There is much regulatory confusion regarding cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, and some states have enacted their own regulations. An example of such a state is New York, which requires exchanges to acquire a BitLicense before operating in the state. Only licensed businesses are permitted to offer specifically authorized coins.


If you intend to buy or sell your cryptocurrency, the exchange you select should have a sufficient volume of trade to guarantee that your holdings are liquid, which means you can sell them whenever you want.

When there are a lot of trades occurring on an exchange at the same time, it means you have a better chance of buying or selling the cryptocurrency you own at a reasonable price.

Ease of Use

The exchange that you choose should have easy-to-use software and a mobile application that doesn’t make your trading experience a frustrating one. Signing up for a trading account with the exchange of your choosing also shouldn’t be a time-consuming process.

What You Get with Bitcoin Future

Here is what you can expect from Bitcoin Future:

  • A high level of security
  • Transparency
  • A demo account to help you familiarize yourself with the software
  • Educational tools
  • Trade some of the most popular cryptocurrencies
  • Brokerage services
  • Simple sign up process
  • User-friendly software and mobile application

Is a Bitcoin Investment a Worthwhile Endeavor?

Buying or investing in Bitcoin, as with any other investment, entails some risk. Bitcoin has been the first digital asset to give rise to the existing cryptocurrency ecosystem since its original conception, and for many years, it grew a following of investors who saw its future as a worthy substitute for the conventional currency system.

While investing in this cryptocurrency is considered a risky endeavor, it is worthwhile, having already shown incredible growth over the past few years.

El Salvador has become the world's first nation to make Bitcoin legal tender in 2021, and other countries may follow its example. Several vendors are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, too, so you can expect to do more with your Bitcoin balance as a form of payment.

As the financial world recognizes Bitcoin's potential, they must decide whether to embrace cryptocurrencies or risk becoming obsolete. Investing in this leading cryptocurrency is determined by your risk tolerance and your outlook on Bitcoin's future.

Bitcoin as a Long-term Investment

When you choose to invest in Bitcoin long-term, you intend to store it away rather than trading or using it. You may profit gradually by acquiring and holding Bitcoin assets for many years, so that when you are ready to sell, the value of the coins has risen significantly.

This is the act of buying and holding on to crypto-assets is known as hodling. Serious investors do not monitor market dynamics or current affairs daily the way traders do. Instead, they hold their positions through several price changes and resist the urge to sell, even if it appears favorable to do so. This is because the value of most assets rises over time.

With Bitcoin Future, you can invest in Bitcoin long-term, and watch the value of your investment grow with time. Sign up for a Bitcoin Future account today to get started investing in the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

What Does the Future Hold for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Investors?

Bitcoin has faced some challenges during its short existence, but its technology has proven successful as it continues to grow, attracting interest from some of the world's major corporations worldwide. It is currently valued at $1.6 trillion.

The cryptocurrency is currently between a store of value and a potential form of payment that can be used for daily transactions. It is becoming a mainstream payment system is already beginning as countries recognize it as a valid form of payment for services and goods.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin's commercialization remains to be seen unless it receives some serious technological advancements. In order for Bitcoin to be considered a legitimate mainstream investment asset or a viable mode of payment, its blockchain must be upgraded to handle millions of transactions in a short period.

Currently, several technologies are being investigated, including Lightning Network, that offers potentially promising improvements in the operating capacity of this cryptocurrency.

Trading Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Trading is a faster way to see returns on cryptocurrency investment while investing is a more progressive, focused approach that produces long-term revenue.

To trade digital currencies, a trader must track Bitcoin news headlines, keep up to date with current cryptocurrency affairs, and observe the performance of the cryptocurrency for signs that its price could rise or fall. Trading involves more risk than investing because cryptocurrencies are so volatile.

With Bitcoin Future, you can trade cryptocurrencies in one of two ways. The first is by trading directly on the exchange, and the second is trading via a crypto broker.

Direct Trade

Trading on an exchange is a more dynamic, cost-effective way to trade cryptocurrencies. However, it is also the riskiest. Direct trading occurs on Bitcoin Future exchange where a buyer and seller can exchange one virtual currency for another or exchange a fiat currency for a cryptocurrency. Trading occurs at the current market prices as found on the exchange.

Exchanges are better suited to knowledgeable or advanced Bitcoin traders who want to benefit from the price volatility of cryptocurrencies by speculating on price changes in the hope of making profits while attempting to avoid losses.

Trading with a Crypto Broker

A broker is a financial intermediary for those who wish to purchase or invest in a service or product, acting as a middleman between a buyer and a seller. Keep in mind that crypto brokers do charge a service fee should you select this method of trade.

Trading via a cryptocurrency broker is the best alternative for a newbie because trading directly can be risky and challenging if you don't know what you're doing.

Bitcoin Future has registered affiliated brokers that offer excellent service and follow global regulatory guidelines. They are also accessible. Complete the registration form, and a Bitcoin Future broker calls you back!

What Can a Trading App Do for You?

The crypto market, in reality, never goes to sleep. There are always new opportunities to benefit from the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, and no one wants to have to get up and turn on their desktop computer at 2 am to make a trade. This is why having a Bitcoin Future mobile trading app is so useful.

Smartphones are used for just about everything, from online shopping to banking, everything can be done conveniently from a smartphone, so trading should be too.

Bitcoin Future has spent a great deal of time designing and implementing its mobile application to make trading more accessible and convenient for you.

Bitcoin Future - Frequently Asked Questions

What gives Bitcoin its value?

Bitcoin has a limited supply of 21 million coins. There can never be more coins in existence. Numerous experts believe that the limited supply of Bitcoin is a significant contributor to its value. Additionally, no one can forge a Bitcoin because it is based on a blockchain ledger, which lends to its credibility and, ultimately, its value.

Can I trade with Bitcoin Future as a beginner?

Yes, you can. Bitcoin Future was created with both the advanced and novice trader in mind. We provide educational tools and a demo account for those just starting, so you can test your trading strategy before trading on the live exchange.

What if the market goes down?

Bitcoin is an unpredictably volatile commodity, with price fluctuations able to drive it to extremes. The market can reach extreme highs one minute and then crash the next. Regardless of whether prices are increasing or decreasing, all investors must file their taxes.

Fortunately, a Bitcoin investment does qualify for capital gains tax. When Bitcoin prices decline, it provides a chance to claim tax deductions. If you suffer a loss due to your investment in Bitcoin, you can include this information in your tax return to decrease your total tax liability.

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